May 10th 2022 updated

UPS/FedEx/DHL no longer accept compressed bags as inner packaging

Almost all courier companies no longer accept shipments that are compressed using compression bags.
This may be because of the following reasons:
1. In order to facilitate the inspection of the goods, avoid undeclared products (especially goods that violate the embargo regulations)
2. To avoid damage of the outer packaging during transportation.
3. It may not be possible to restore the original packaging after customs inspection, so they will be replaced with larger packaging, which will generate additional bills.

High shipping costs due to wars and exchange rate changes

Due to the turmoil and energy shortage caused by the Russian-Ukrainian war, the fuel surcharge rate of express delivery companies has risen to nearly 50% in May.
Inflation and currency devaluation further exacerbated the rise in freight rates.

What will these cause?

This will increase the volume of your cargo by 20% – 50% varies by products and may causes 10% to 70% increase in shipping price.

Actions we will take and advice to you

We will reduce the volume of the goods as much as we can to reduce your cost.
In response to this change, we have increased the price of the shipping table by 30%.

To reduce your financial stress, we suggest:
1. We support free delivery to China Mainland. you can use your own freight forwarder.
2. Choose offline payment to submit your order first. We will calculate the exact shipping price for you. You can then choose PayPal or another payment method to complete the transaction.
3.For EU, Southeast Asia, North America countries. Shipping by sea / railway will save up to 80% costs, if you need other logistics methods, please contact us for a quote for you.

Jan 12nd 2021 updated

For the past 20 months, we have paid shipping difference for you

In the last month, the difference in shipping costs has far exceeded our profit.

Therefore we have made the following changes:

  1. Increased global freight rates by about 20%
  2. Removed some shipping methods.

If you are in doubt about the price, please contact us for the latest shipping price.

We will check the instant price on Alibaba International Logistics Platform and provide you with a screenshot.

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